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Mary N (Born April 21st, 1995) is a Portuguese singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer.

In her early years, Mary N was always too shy to perform in front of others. When she was 15, Mary finally realized she could use music to communicate with people who struggled in the same ways she did. That’s when she discovered her love of being on stage and connecting with fans through songwriting.

Mary turns her songs into entire narratives using her deeply personal lyrics along with her impressive guitar skills. It’s a rarity to find an artist who can translate their emotions into music as well as Mary does, but it leads to a one-of-a-kind sound that’s hard to resist.

In 2017, Mary released, as na independent artist, a Pop/Rock debut album called “Patience”.

In June of 2019, a new single called “Ready” is released, a song that represents a turning point for the artist and a reconciliation with music.

For the first time, Mary was nominated and won the E! Music 2020 award by E! Entertainment Portugal. The same year, she started to get noticed around the World with millions of views on her videos.

Mary is currently working on her second album to be released in 2022.